April 17, 2011

Comfort Food with a twist

This is my second time at Aunt Mary's Cafe. It is a fairly  new spot which sits across Remedy in Oakland/Temescal area, a Ritual Coffee provider. There is always a crowd of people outside of this place, which cannot be a bad thing unless you're very very hungry!

This Cafe serves local, organic, sustainable food and seasonal ingredients whenever possible! The best part about this spot is the combination of thoughtful food with a thoughtful price!

Me and my roomates decided to share a few dishes....

First , the Huevos Benedictos (spicy) which  was a pair of cheddar masa cakes w/poached eggs & mole negro, served w/house-made Niman Ranch beef chorizo, guacamole & pico de gallo.

I must say that their mole had the perfect consitency; a perfect balance between creamy and grainy, it was spicy enough to give your mouth a tingle but it definitely did not over power the cheddar masa cakes. The masa cakes reminded me of Tamales without the corn husk wrapper...the combiniation of these cakes with the runny eggs and mole made them even more moist and savory....

Onto dish #2, the Spring Veg Hash with red pepper couli ....the hash was designed with seasonal veggies in mind including green beans, snap peas, asparagus, red potatoes & fennel and was topped with two poached eggs (you can order your eggs any style), the hash was then drizzled w/a puree of roasted red peppers and a biscuit...

This dish was very fresh, the veggies were cooked lightly which made them crunchy and very rich in flavour, the red pepper couli brought the dish together and the flaky biscuit made with Gusto's organic flour and cornmeal helped me scoop all the juices up!

Dish #3 was the sweet dish! (usually how I like my mornings to be), we ordered the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with a lemon curd and fresh strawberries... the ricotta in the pancake batter makes the pancakes a lot more moist and fluffy, it also gives the pancakes less of a sweet taste which is then balanced with the tangy and sweet lemon curd...

We shared these three dishes and added a side of grits and roasted potatoes...a few cups of some mean McLaughlin coffee with some Clover milk.

All this came out to around sixty dollars! which fed four people; bellies full and left overs for later!

From grits, to hashes, to mole and pancakes...if you are craving good food, I guarantee you will find something to please your palette at Aunt Marys Cafe!

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