April 14, 2011

Afternoon Scone

When I walk into a bakery that has freshly baked scones, it is hard for me NOT to buy one...but when it is 7pm and no bakeries are open, the only choice left is home-made scones!!

I decided to bake Cherry-Orange Scones...they were made with: organic whole wheat flour, organic almonds form Berkeley Bowl,  free range, organic eggs from Petaluma, dried cherries from Billy Bob Orchards, an orange from Guru Ram Das Orchards, Fair-Trade Brown suga ( expensive but worth it!), organic Clover whole milk, organic Clover butter and a touch of love...

I adapted my recipe from this original recipe, in case you want to make these yourself, but I encourage you  to explore and add your own touch!

These have a perfect balance between sweet, tart, hearty and flaky...
Easy to make, share and hard to dissappoint!

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