April 13, 2011

Verde, blanco y rojo

My roomate came home with some local Halibut from Zut and I was craving some Mexican food. The weather resembled a summer day with a breeze typical of the Bay...which reminded me of timeless days at the beach in Mexico where fish, beans and rice are always on the menu.

So we made organic brown rice (can't remember the name of the farm!) with organic black beans from Natural Value in Sacramento, a Haas Avocado and a freshly made Strawberry Salsa made with tomatoes,cilantro,serrano chile, onion and strawberries all from the Berkeley Farmers Market! Strawberry season has just arrived and although tomatoes are not easy to get Avalos Organic Farm stand has them both.

Oh yes and to counter the spiciness of the salsa...
I added a spoon-full of Straus Plain Yogurt

There is nothing like a home-made dinner with fresh ingredients grown around your community

Buen Provecho!


  1. que combinacion mas rara.. no se me antoja para nada jaja

  2. mmm si suena raro, pero quedo delicioso...trust me