May 24, 2011


  Although this little cafe is located in North Berkeley it has a unique style, far different from other North Berkeley shops.With a funky, stylish and welcoming atmosphere paired with an ongoign array of  upbeat world music.

Their menu is simple: ranging from a pair of poached eggs with toast, savory polenta or (my favorite) their "waffle of the day".

Waffle of the Day
Cornmeal with creme fraiche: perfectly sweet, fluffy & hearty
 Guerilla Cafe uses local ingredients and serves Blue Bottle Coffee and although I usually drink my coffee black, Guerilla serves the best Au Lait in beautiful bowls (a meal on their own).
Blue Bottle Three Africans Blend Au Lait
 The uniqueness of Guerilla comes from their ongoing effort to support local artists and honor people around the world who have fought for freedom, their sacrifices and the courage to risk it all for their liberation. Whether you order a full breakfast or just a Latte, you will be given a little card with the history of a guerilla, a fighter, as your receipt, a nice way to feed your brain while waiting to feed your tummy!

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