March 3, 2011

Taste the Remedy

This is my coffee shop of choice in the North Oakland/ Berkeley area. ALL of their coffees are can watch the cooks preparing their scones daily and smell them as they bake away....they are made with ALL local ingredients (they even have a list of the farms they use). Those are two reasons why its on top of my list...Reason three...Remedy Cafe has a french-press special daily and day-old scones in case the freshly-baked ones are too much to handle,so you can always save some $!
Today's special was their Guatemalan coffee from Finca la Merced; infused with cherry, apricot and lavender, I paired this with their Meyer-lemon scone...Mmm...this is one way to start the day and begin working on the solutions to some daily problems...tasks...or perhaps you can just come and enjoy the flakiness of your scone and the ever changing music and good vibes from this coffee shop!

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