March 13, 2011

De la boulangerie à la boulangerie

I dont know how many bakeries I can go to in one day... but if I could I would do it all day...I went to La Farine on College in Berkeley, Their baguettes and morning buns are pretty delicious and they always have samples in the morning!
But if you ever need  a cake or a fruit tart for a party...this is the place to go! I recently had their GENÈVE  which is a moist chocolate genoise cake, layered with rich milk chocolate mousse, finished with a bittersweet chocolate ganache...if you are into chocolate, seek no more! and i also had their CHAMONIX  which is a moist devil's food cake layered with creamy white chocolate raspberry mousse and fresh raspberries, finished with white chocolate buttercream ( in case you are looking for  some fruit in your cake).  And let's not forget about their famous fruit tarts ready to take home....Mmm 
Berry Tart
Poached pear tart
On to another bakery....if that didn't make you salivate enough...
Apple harvest cake

Sweet Adeline's is your friendly neighborhood bakery locate don Adeline right by the "Here and There" sign in between Oakland and Berkeley.  If you come here a few times you will start noticing the regulars. You can always find the owner helping around the kitchen and making sure this cute little bakery is running smoothly. I would recommend their ginger scone, their vegan oatmeal cookie, and last but deifnitely not least their apple harvest cake, filled with more apples than bread, perfectly soft and crunchy and sweet...if you are into apples, this is definitely a must!  

And to finish this neighborhood bakery tour, my kitchen ! This is a recipe I found online for Bran Muffins, I changed it up a little, adding some California Honey, Flax seeds, local walnuts (grounded up), cinnamon, and nutmeg all to taste!

These are perfect breakfast muffins or as a healthy snack, very hearty!

Et maintenant notre voyage a terminé!
Hope your sweet tooth was satisfied !

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