March 5, 2011

Saturday Ferry

If you've never ventured to the Ferry Building in San Francisco on  a Saturday morning, I suggest you pencil it in for your next weekend. The Ferry Building on Saturday mornings becomes a place where local farmers, food conoseurs and hungry people all mingle together and create a unique Bay Area experience.
The view from the the Ferry Buidling, Bay Bridge and Treasure Island in sight.

Frog Hollow Farms specializes in delicious fruit preserves. Apart from never missing a farmers market,they have their own cafe and bakery at the Ferry Building which serves delicious freshly baked goods and coffee. Lets not forget the many samples you can try !

The Market has plenty to choose from, at the front of the building (East) you will find mostly produce and flower shops; if you dare venture to the back (West) you will find many more produce vendors and prepared foods.

Perfectly crispy and flavorful Asian Pears from K & J Orchards.

One of the permanent shops at the market is the Boulettes Larder,The daily changing menus at Boulettes  reflect the chefs commitment to using conscientiously produced farmstead ingredients and applying her research and curiosity in pursuit of spices and artisan oils, vinegars and grains.

The smell of Roti Roti will inexplicably draw your eyes to the slow roasting meats... and perhaps the thirty plus people wait to get a freshly sliced sandwich... If you're a meat-eater or a sandwich-eater, this is the place to get your crave satisfied.

And to wind-down my day I purchased a bran-cherry muffin paired with an Africano from Blue Bottle Co. Their three different locations in the Ferry Building speak to their excellent service, and never dissapointing coffee. Using organic, local and single-sourced beans when available.

Cherry Bran with a view of the Bay.
If these pictures don't convince you then you should stop on by one Saturday and satisfy whatever craving you have, I  guarantee the Ferry Building will satisfy...


  1. Roti Roti es una compañia en San Francisco, una rotiseria que lleva en un carrito como que los pollos o las carnes asandose y las cortan ahi y te las sirven en un sandwich -